reckless intuitions of an epistemic hygienist (gustavolacerda) wrote,
reckless intuitions of an epistemic hygienist

LiveJournal revival!!

LiveJournal has been a powerful force in my life, as it has been for many people of my demographic (English-speaking nerds born in 1975-1985). It started winding down in 2010. In the last couple of years, I've been talking about the idea of Christmas-time revival, and to my happy surprise someone else has decided to make it happen. Maybe it will stick this time, though few of my friends can spare the time nowadays and many of us now get our social needs met IRL (especially those of us who came to the Bay Area).

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What brings you here?


December 20 2016, 10:56:18 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  December 20 2016, 10:58:18 UTC

Yup, I'm still here!

I get my online social needs met through my personal Slack community nowadays, but a chat based community is really different from one based around more reflective writing.
I love the idea of a personal slack community. How do you guys pay for it?
We just use free Slack. It wouldn't be worth paying for it, since we have about 30 active members and another 15 casual members. There's a 10000 message history limit, but you can get a JSON export of all public channel history at any time.
Yup, it's the standard export!

I said "OK just this one entry", but now I am really tempted to start writing more just to drown out the cringeworthy entires by my younger self :)
Nice to see you on here!