reckless intuitions of an epistemic hygienist (gustavolacerda) wrote,
reckless intuitions of an epistemic hygienist

Greg Garing

Tonight I saw the Drunken Master of country music, Greg Garing, at the Treehouse a.k.a. 2A, just the man and his guitar (thanks Kathryn Minogue). It was the craziest performance I've ever seen, quickly switching between mellow and ultra-hard rock; between quiet&romantic and rude. His vocal range is amazing, and I was especially entertained by his shivering bass. One sees that he is improvising the entire time, and cannot resist changing things around or cracking a joke (Running joke: "Can't you guys let me do one song properly from beginning to end?"). As far as ridiculous stunts go, I was especially impressed when he dropped his left arm and used the microphone stand as a slide for a whole blues turnaround, while looking totally out of it.

The event felt like a musicians' party full of old timers, people who had opened for Bob Dylan, and written reviews for Rolling Stone. The shows were projected live (in black&white) onto the red-brick building across the street, for a very nice effect. The bar staff were very chill, and told me that since they didn't serve food, I could bring outside food(!!!).

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