reckless intuitions of an epistemic hygienist (gustavolacerda) wrote,
reckless intuitions of an epistemic hygienist

video storage

I've given up on compressing my videos. Most compression software doesn't compress batches of files, and those that do usually lose meta-data, like datetime. It also requires a ton of processing, which is slow and heats up my computer (this incidentally explains why my Canon digicams keep them in bulky formats, AVI or MOV: they are not nearly powerful enough to run compression).

So I've been moving my videos to my external G-Drive. But this 750GB drive, which also serves as a backup for my machine, is nearly full. This means that I have two problems:

* buy more space to store my videos.
* buy more space to have a backup of these videos.

I could buy 2x 2TB drives, but this is likely to be expensive.

Any suggestions?

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