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DMV, 3rd attempt

* 1st DMV visit: ran out of time.
* 2nd DMV visit: failed.
* 1st SSA visit: failed.
* I-94 correction at JFK: success! I-94 contains my full name!
* 2nd SSA visit: Success! New SS card!

I just wasted another 1.5 hours of my life at the Harlem DMV.
Now that I have a Social Security Card that says "Pedrosa Lacerda de Melo, Gustavo", I was expecting that this would go through... but alas my Canadian License says "Lacerda de Melo, Gustavo Pedrosa"! It matters to them whether "Pedrosa" is part of my surname or of my first name.

I think it was silly of me to begin the conversation by pointing out the potential problem. The lady spoke to her supervisor, who told me that I would need 3 "points" with the same parsing as the Canadian License (e.g. credit card statements). This is probably doable... but I think it's just as easy to try again at a different NY DMV, with a fresh set of public servants, who might, you know, give a shit.

Alternative solutions:
* Next time I enter the USA, use comma; get a new SS card with the new name.
* Move to PA or MA, renew lost/expired Driver's License. Move back to NY.
* Change the name on my passport! I would really like to shorten my name officially, to avoid future annoyances, but I suspect it would be too much trouble.

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