reckless intuitions of an epistemic hygienist (gustavolacerda) wrote,
reckless intuitions of an epistemic hygienist


My yoga teacher, Joseph, is an atheist/skeptic, thinks very logically about what I need to work on. This seems to be very rare for yoga.

Today he told me that his "style" doesn't have a name, but that his teacher was Allan Bateman.

Finally, I asked him to name some materialistic schools/style of yoga. He told me:
* Krishnamurthi (empiricist philosophy FTW)
* Strala
* Katonah

(beware, the marketing may be mystical, but that's just marketing)

I might go to a Katonah lesson next week.


I seem to be making steady progress (e.g. I can now touch my toes after just a few minutes of stretching). But I'm still a long ways from where I want to be. There's a lot of work ahead for strenghtening my upper body (abdomen, chest, arms).

As of next week, I'm planning to do two lessons per week.

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