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public service announcement - Oxy and sun damage

Over the last two years, my face has become rather freckly, more than anyone in my family. My first dramatic realization of this was during August 2010. I suspect this is due to many years of using anti-acne product Oxy (46% alcohol + 2% salicylic acid) making my skin prone to sun damage. My little patches of red hair during the last few summers are probably due to a similar mechanism.
<< You're right that exposing skin treated by salicylic acid to the sun will absolutely increase the likelihood of sun damage to your skin and a sunscreen should be used. I would imagine that the specific SPF you need will depend on things like the amount of sun exposure you'll be getting but here's one resource I like that helps consumers find sunscreens that really protect their skin rather than damage it: the Environmental Working Group's Sunscreen Guide at >>

The instructions should probably tell you to wash your face with water after use (they don't!). Now I'm trying to use Oxy less often... and sunscreen more often (during the summer).

from the FDA website:
<< according to CIR Director Alan Andersen, products containing salicylic acid should either contain a sunscreen or bear directions advising consumers to use other sun protection. In order to comply with the CIR recommendations, cosmetic manufacturers should test their products to determine whether or not they cause an increase in sensitivity to the harmful ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. >>

... apparently this is not a regulation yet, or not one that is enforced.
<< Salicylic Acid is also known to increase the skin’s sun sensitivity by 50%. All exfoliants that remove layers of the dermis expose the skin to more UV rays, therefore increasing UV radiation. >>

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