reckless intuitions of an epistemic hygienist (gustavolacerda) wrote,
reckless intuitions of an epistemic hygienist

e-reader + drawing tablet

I'm interested in getting:
* an e-reader for reading PDFs on the road (annotation tools would be a plus)
* a drawing tablet, that will let me make xkcd-style drawings with a pen.

Should I get an iPad+iAnnotate? The iPad's touchscreen seems to be very imprecise

P.S.: the BoogieBoard that saves will be shipping next week> It's very affordable at $130, but it's lacking an eraser tool, and I worry that they might use a proprietary file format, rather than PNG and PDF.


UPDATE: a high-end solution for drawing is the Cintiq. Their smallest tablet goes for $1000 and it needs to be plugged in to a computer, so not very portable at all.

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